Aim of the Australian Air Force Cadets

The aim of the Australian Defence Force Cadets, which includes the AAFC, is “By predominantly voluntary effort, to better equip young people for community life by fostering initiatives, leadership, discipline and loyalty through training programs which are also designed to stimulate an interest in a particular arm of the Defence Force.”

From this, the following specific aims have been developed:

To give Cadets a foundation of Air Force knowledge and discipline
To develop the qualities of leadership, initiative and self-reliance
To develop good character and good citizenship in the widest sense
To develop an interest in the Royal Australian Air Force and aviation generally
To instil a knowledge of the history of aviation
To encourage Cadets to continue an active interest in aviation into their adult life

Our Values


High Respect


Good Name



Fair and Just in character or behaviour


Moral Courage

Concerned with goodness of human character or behaviour

Distinction between right and wrong


Moral Uprightness




True or faithful to a duty or obligation

Steadfast in allegiance


The combined action of working together as a group or team for a common cause

Requirements to Join

The minimum requirements for a volunteer enrolment in the Australian Air Force Cadets are as follows:The minimum requirements for a volunteer enrolment in the Australian Air Force Cadets are as follows:

All cadets are to make a commitment in writing that they have read and agree to abide by the AAFC Code of Conduct and AAFC Behavioural Expectations at Vol 2, Part 1, CH10 – Behaviour Management, set out in the AAFC Manual of Management
AAFC Manual of Management (Opens in new tab)
YOUTHPOLMAN (Opens in new tab)


Have parental or guardian permission to enrol

Be a person ordinally resident in Australia


Be 13 of the date of proposed enrolment

Not attained the age of 18 years


Be sufficiently fit and capable of carrying out the normal duties and activities of a cadet in the AAFC

Provide written parental or guardian permission for a qualified medical practitioner to anaesthetise and operate on the cadet in an emergency

Conflicts of Interest

Not be a member of either the Australian Navy Cadets (ANC) or the Australian Army Cadets (AAC) unless such membership is compulsory

Not be a Defence Member

Contact Us

501 Squadron

 Building 175, Derwent Barracks, Centre Road, Dowsings Point TAS
  Thursday, 1830 - 2100
 03 6237 7572

502 Squadron

 Building 78-79 Anglesea Barracks, Davey St, Hobart TAS
  Wednesday 1830 - 2100
  03 6237 7115

504 Squadron

 Wivenhoe Depot, Cnr Pearl & Ready Streets, Wivenhoe TAS
  Friday 1800 – 2200
  03 6431 8513

507 Squadron

 Kokoda Barracks, 106 Gunn Street, Devonport TAS
  Thursday 1830 - 2100
  03 6424 2981

508 Squadron

 Patterson Barracks, 2 St John Street, Launceston TAS
  Thursday 1830 - 2100
  03 6332 6623