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The minimum requirements for a volunteer enrolment in the Australian Air Force Cadets are as follows:

  • Be 12 and 6 months of the date of proposed enrolment;
  • Not attained the age of 18 years;
  • Have parental or guardian permission to enrol;
  • Be a person ordinarily resident in Australia;
  • Be sufficiently fit and capable of carrying out the normal duties and activities of a cadet in the AAFC. The applicant is to declare any known medical conditions at the time of application in order to assist the CO in the determination of suitability for enrolment and, if required by the CO, undergo a medical examination (at own expense);
  • Provide written parental or guardian permission for a qualified medical practitioner to anaesthetise and operate on the cadet in an emergency;
  • Not be a member of either the Australian Navy Cadets (ANC) or the Australian Army Cadets (AAC), unless such membership is compulsory;
  • Not be a Defence member; and
  • Make a commitment in writing that they have read and agree to abide by the AAFC Code of Conduct and AAFC Behavioural Expectations at Vol 2, Part 1, CH10 - Behaviour Management, set out in the AAFC Manual of Management.

While the age limit for enrolment is 18, cadets can continue their cadet 'career' until the age of 20, when their enrolment is automatically terminated. Terminated cadets are welcome to apply to rejoin the AAFC as either an Instructor of Cadets or Officer of Cadets.Cadets and staff are not automatically entitled to, or required to serve in the Australian Defence Forces.

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